Connecting Fans and Creators

The Coup Company is a one-of-a-kind, full-stack studio specializing in the discovery and development of original content.

Surface New Content and Talent

The Coup Company’s accelerators surface new talent and original content from untapped sources by incentivizing the participation of both content creators & fans.

IP Development

Coup platforms provide creators with valuable audience feedback, social media savvy and industry insight to help improve their IP to better reach specific targets in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Build Your Audience

The Coup Company leverages partnerships with top tier companies (Cineplex Entertainment, TELUS, Canon, CBC, etc.) and social media to help content creators engage their fans and build an audience before financing even begins.

Audience measurement

Coup platforms aggregate fan activity to provide measurable demographics and market research to better target marketing spend.

Content Creation

Coup accelerators have successfully optioned and produced dozens of high concept properties with inherent built in audiences.

Branded Content

The Coup Company also applies its expertise in audience building and engagement to creating bespoke platforms for best of breed partners.


coup \ˈkü\: a brilliant, sudden, and usually highly successful stroke or act

The Coup Accelerators are designed to help creators develop, market and produce their own original content by building fan support through online promotion. Our accelerators provide creators with valuable audience feedback, measurable demographics, social media savvy and professional pitch packages, bolstered by fan support. Projects that successfully navigate one of our accelerators are optioned for development; projects that excel are greenlit for production.